M-SCAN in Kotido

In effort to reduce the unacceptable high maternal mortality rates in Uganda, M-SCAN  in partnership with Hind Feets joined in to offer ultrasound services to the people of Nakapelimoru, Kotido district. The medical camp was carried out at Nakapelimoru Health Center III.

The organisation of the camp thus  followed two steps; first a needs assessment to make ourselves known in the community and also establish challenges faced by people in the village, and the actual medical camp that occured on the 24th and 25th days of May 2019.

This, has been so far the most amazing medical camp M-SCAN has served at. This is so because the camp registered the highest number of participants  scanned. Whereas the cultures of the people are still those we’ve heard in tales, the seeking behaviours are very poor among the Karamojong, however on hearing of services such as a machine that can see the fetus, pregnant mothers came in very high numbers.

In total, M-SCAN scanned out to a total of 138 people of Nakapelimoru. The doctors were able to make three referrals based on the scam results and over 

With the heavy rains that blessed the soils on the day of the camp, the camp was named “Ekou”  a karamong word to mean rain.