M-SCAN at Kalangala Health Center IV – Kalangala District

M-SCAN at Kalangala Health Center IV – Kalangala District

Hearing that Kalangala HC IV has one ultrasound machine serving the 84 islands in Kalangala district is such a traumatizing statistic. The team at M-SCAN came to realisation to have impact in such a stricken health care system with struggling radiology services.

The team set course for this with a needs assessment done and the medical camp later carried out on the 15th of August 2018.

Over 100 pregnant mothers were scanned with over 30 complications detected. The pregnant mothers were intervened and their lives thus saved. In  a classical case of an ectopic pregnancy, the mother was referred immediately for surgery and this was successful.

Many mothers were able to deliver successfully based on M-SCAN findings.

Because we believe no mother deserves to die in the process of giving life, this was a key milestone to execute the medical camp. Great thanks to the community of Kalangala Health Center IV and the office of the District Health Officer, Kalangala HC IV


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