Affordable, Easy to use, Multi-platform aided. No need for electricity,      M-SCAN can be supported by Solar Power

Linear Probe

  M-SCAN C2 , Linear Color Doppler Probe –  USD 2600

Vascular ultrasound scans

MusculoSkeletal ultrasound scans

Small parts such as thyroid scans, ocular ultrasound

Aid in ultrasound guided joint infusions

Curvilinear Probe

 M-SCAN C1 , Curvilinear Color  Doppler at USD 2500

Obstetrics ultrasound exam with full measure of fetal biometry

Abdominal ultrasound exams

Gynaecological ultrasound exams

Aid in ultrasound guided biopsies

Linear and Curvilinear Probes can achieve:

Picture Sharing

Video Sharing

Connection to Phones and devices with USB 2.0 Micro B Ports using an OTG Cable

Connection to a laptop, tablet and desktop via USD 3.0 Ports or 2.0 micro B Ports

Color Doppler

M-SCAN B1, Curvilinear Probe , no color Doppler at USD 2000

M-SCAN B2 , Linear Probe with no Color Doppler

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