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Innovating for Life: Affordable Ultrasound Solutions

Mscan Uganda focuses on saving lives by enhancing and extending low-cost mobile ultrasound technology in resource-scarce regions.

Ultrasound Innovation, Life's Revelation

Revolutionizing Maternal Care

Empowering communities with accessible ultrasound technology. Mscan’s cutting-edge solutions bring clarity and hope to maternal healthcare, even in the most remote regions.

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Advancing Maternal Health Care

Our innovative, portable ultrasound technology is a game-changer for remote areas, offering early detection and management of pregnancy risks. By making critical health services accessible, we're not just enhancing healthcare but also safeguarding the lives of mothers and infants in underserved communities.

Redefining Rural Healthcare

Our mission extends beyond individual care to enhancing whole health systems. MSCAN's portable ultrasounds break barriers to access, improving outcomes in remote areas. We're committed to equitable healthcare, where quality services reach every mother, everywhere.


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Join us in our commitment to ensure no mother dies while giving birth. Your donation can make a significant difference in providing accessible and life-saving medical care to pregnant women, especially in rural areas. With your support, we can expand our reach and enhance our capabilities to deploy low-cost, portable ultrasound technology. Together, we can work towards a future where every mother has a safe childbirth experience.

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MSCAN devices are designed for use in remote and resource-limited settings. They are energy-efficient and compatible with laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Our technology is tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in rural areas, enhancing prenatal care and maternal health.
MSCAN’s portable ultrasound solutions are part of our commitment to reducing maternal mortality through early detection of risk factors.

MSCAN ultrasound devices are intended for use by trained healthcare professionals. Users should be familiar with the operation instructions and the limitations of the device.
Availability of our devices and services may vary by region. Please contact us for more information regarding availability in your area.

All data and case studies presented are based on real-life scenarios, reflecting the impact of our technology in various settings.

MSCAN is committed to providing affordable and accessible ultrasound technology to underserved communities, helping to bridge the healthcare gap.